Choosing Sides

A situation with Floyd during the 2017 Basketball Finals made me think of repentance.  Repentance means to turn from sin and turn to righteousness.  Floyd was sitting in his favorite stuffed chair, with snacks on the table, waiting for Game 5 of the NBA Read more

What is the Reason for the Season?

As a child, only once, did I question the honesty and integrity of my maternal Grandma. Even then, when I reflected on all the facts, Grandma was absolved. I remember the incident as clear as if it were this morning. I was playing in the front room (living room) and our German neighbor, Mrs. Raymond, came up on the enclosed Read more

Faith Means Action

The six weeks between June 22nd and July 30th 2013 were loaded with change, chaos, miracles, and a lot of stepping out in faith. For two years, Floyd and I had been hoping and praying that Yehovah would make a way for us to move from Alabama to be near Charlotte, NC. We wanted to be a part of the Read more

Pet Enticed into the Arms of a Neighbor?

In the fall of 1995, Floyd and I (before children) purchased a home on 5 acres in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The house needed cosmetic work: vinyl siding and repairs to the upper porch. Early one morning, a construction worker found two abandoned kittens on the road and brought them to me. I immediately took them in and gave them food Read more

Secrets in the Buffet Drawer

My father's mother, Grandma Berry, as we called her, was born in 1909. Grandma was divorced when my dad was about five and later married Gerald Berry. He was a kind, easy going man that worked at one of the Ford plants in Detroit. I remember his metal lunch pail. It was black on the outside and shiny metal gray on Read more

Who had the greater FEAR? Me or my children?

In every parent's life you come to the point of deciding when to take your children to funerals. Sometimes this decision is made for you if the deceased person is a close relative and the child needs to go in order to have closure. Sometimes the choice to take the child to the funeral is optional; the deceased is not Read more

Bicycles, a Truck and the FBI



My husband Floyd and I, on short notice, planned a trip to the Thumb area in Michigan with good friends Diana and Stuart.  They were cyclists and Floyd and I had new bikes; that was about all we had in common on the bicycle thing. Anyway, I had a work trip to Washington, D.C. that preceded the biking  trip. 

Stuart and Diana circa 1995

Stuart and Diana
circa 1995

My mom begged us not to go to the Thumb. It was well known to be “militant territory” in Michigan. Read more

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Folly with a Fawn: My Pioneer Experience

Many mornings I awake and have no idea what will happen to me before I return to bed that night. Well, one unsuspecting morning, I arose and did the usual tasks. I made up the beds; got breakfast for Joel, 9 years old, and Ruth, 8 years old; taught them school lessons; fixed lunch; taught more lessons; etc. You know, the usual.

Joel and Ruth at Homeschool Science Fair

Joel and Ruth at Homeschool Science Fair

Floyd , my husband, had retired from Chrysler in 2004.  

Floyd at his retirement ceremony. He worked 31 years, 48 days and 3 hours; needless to say he was GLAD!

Floyd at his retirement ceremony. He worked 31 years, 48 days and 3 hours; needless to say he was GLAD!

He was currrently working at job he loved, a part-time cook and caterer at Sauder Village. It’s an Historic Village in northwest Ohio in the rural town of Archbold. Eric Sauder, the “you assemble” furniture maker, recreated a Village dating from the 1600’s to the 1900’s. Floyd catered for weddings, conventions and cooked in the Barn Restaurant.

The Barn Restaurant at Sauder Village

The Barn Restaurant at Sauder Village

That day, he was scheduled to start work at 2 PM. A little before 2 PM, Floyd called. This was unusual for two reasons. First, Floyd is not a phone talker. Second, he frowned on talking on “company time”. So I knew immediately that something was up.

Read more

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The First Argument of Our Marriage

Floyd is an easy going guy. We have known each other since we were 5 or 6 years of age. I had NEVER seen him angry at me or anyone else. He might have gotten a little agitated with someone, but nothing more than that was witnessed by me. Floyd had such a wonderful character that my Mom and Dad would take his side before they had even heard my side of the story.

Shar is the girl watching her Grandfather escort her Aunt in the marriage to Floyd's Uncle.

Shar is the girl watching her Grandfather escort her Aunt in the marriage to Floyd’s Uncle.

We lived on the West Side of Detroit in a four family flat. My Mother and Father owned the building and rented us the upstairs flat across from theirs. Two other families were renting the two flats downstairs.


Floyd (right) and his best friend in our neighborhood in Detroit.

About two months into our marriage, early one morning, Floyd and I were having an argument and I said something in a domineering tone. Floyd stopped in his tracks and looked me square in the eyes and said,

“You don’t talk to me that way! I’m your husband!”

His tone and seriousness shocked me. I started to cry. I mean boo-hoo-hoo, wailing crying. I am a bit dramatic, so I ran out of our flat and into my Mom and Dad’s apartment which was across the hall. Read more

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