Monthly Archives: January 2013

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Coffee Enema Journal

January 1st, 2013 (6 Comments)

Thursday, January 27, 2011   Dear Dr. Jeff, Day One of my Liver/Gallbladder Flush (LGF) went very well. I drank the whole quart of salt water flush without getting nauseated. The kidney castor oil pack was relaxing and the coffee enema was a bit awkward but painless. This was a miraculous outcome because I have […]

The Tooth Fairy

January 1st, 2013 (6 Comments)

According to the Original Tooth Fairy Poll, the average gift from the Tooth Fairy climbed from $2.10 in 2011 to $2.42 in 2012, a 15.2 percent gain. “Other interesting findings from The Original Tooth Fairy Poll® (, which surveyed more than 1,200 parents nationwide, include: The Tooth Fairy visited nearly 90 percent of U.S. homes with children who […]